Common sense prevails but parking crisis continues at Edmondson Park

11 November 2019

State Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong MP and Federal Member for Werriwa Anne Stanley have welcomed the Independent Planning Commission’s decision to reject a proposal to reduce car parking rates in the Edmondson Park Town Centre.

Mr Chanthivong and Ms Stanley spoke out against the proposal earlier this year and encouraged the community to have its say in a bid to stop the area’s parking crisis getting even worse.

Mr Chanthivong said he was delighted the IPC had taken on board comments made in his submission, particularly that the application would exacerbate the area’s parking crisis and it would be ludicrous to change car parking rates in response to a developer’s anecdotal evidence about demand.

“A decision to reduce car parking rates would have further corroded public trust in the planning system and greatly impacted residents’ quality of life in and around the town centre.

“I am glad common sense has prevailed.”

Ms Stanley said she applauded the decision on 8th November 2019 to refuse the application by Frasers to reduce car parking for its planned development.

“I thank the panel for their consideration, and especially note that the Commission recognises the issues surrounding parking at Edmondson Park,” she said.

“As the Commission rightly points out, there is a clear and serious lack of public car parking in the Town Centre.

“The situation is only getting worse and it is time for the NSW Government to act on its election promise. It is now eleven months since the Premier and Member for Holsworthy pledged $40 million dollars to build a multistorey commuter car park.”

Mr Chanthivong said the IPC’s report clearly blamed “inadequate commuter parking provided to Edmondson Park Railway Station” for the existing car parking issues in the suburb.

“The Liberal Government can no longer hide from the parking crisis at Edmondson Park,” he said.

“It promised construction would start on 700 new spaces this year. That is yet to happen and with no construction money in the recent budget, I fear the promised commuter car park is years away.

“As residents are only too well aware, the car parking crisis grows worse daily. Local residents deserve their new car parking spaces now!”

Ms Stanley said to date nothing had improved for commuters using Edmondson Park Station.

“Commuters and the Commission know that something must be done in the area, before there is complete gridlock,” she said.

“It is now eleven months since the Premier and Member for Holsworthy pledged $40 million to build a multistorey commuter car park.”

“I call on the State Government to build the car park they promised and provide relief to those mums, dads and commuters who battle everyday just to get to work and other appointments.”

“This has gone on for long enough.”

A copy of Mr Chanthivong’s submission to the IPC can be read at