Christmas Wish-List 2020 continues fight for community's fair share

Christmas Wish-List 2020 continues fight for community's fair share Main Image

02 December 2020

Scrap the M5 East Toll and protect our green open spaces have topped Anoulack Chanthivong MP’s 2020 Christmas Wish-List, reflecting the major issues affecting the Macquarie Fields electorate.

Since first elected in 2015, Mr Chanthivong has penned a letter to Santa each year requesting a fair share for our local community. In 2020, Mr Chanthivong sought community input on his wish-list.

“Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this year’s wish-list. I appreciate the efforts of my constituents in sharing their views and concerns. I always believe listening to local residents leads to the best outcomes for our local community,” Mr Chanthivong said.

Mr Chanthivong said he was not surprised to see Scrap the M5 East Toll top this year’s list.

“The M5 East Toll – a new tax on an old road – is unfair and places an unacceptable financial burden on commuters in south-west Sydney,” Mr Chanthivong said.

Other top priorities as voted by constituents in the Macquarie Fields electorate included:

  • A local Service NSW Centre;
  • More policing and safer streets;
  • More local jobs; and
  • A lift for Macquarie Fields Station.

Further, other issues relevant to the electorate included more footpaths, playgrounds and recreational open space; save the Hurlstone Farm; invest in more TAFE courses and training opportunities; and upgrade and
air-condition our local schools.

“The Liberal Government has consistently ignored our needs and failed to deliver vital infrastructure and services for our rapidly growing community. At the same time, our local area continues to unfairly bear the brunt of overdevelopment.

“My Christmas Wish-List is an annual tradition highlighting the needs of our community. I write to Santa each year in the hope that he will deliver the goods for our community. It is a plea for action, not more empty promises or spin from this Liberal Government.

“I will always fight for a fair go for our community and our fair share,” Mr Chanthivong said.